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school shooting

Students Ask: When Gun Violence Will End

Another school shooting, and we just don't know when this fear will end.   Many people may ask why U.S. politicians enact laws to assist the gun manufacturers' to gain profits but not to protect civilians' lives.   Will more tragedies happen? How many more lives will be taken before politicians have serious action on gun control? How Many [...]
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Trump and Pence

U.S. Government Shutdown 2018

Have you ever asked: "why politicians play their power games but the civilians suffer?"  Last time, the U.S. government shutdown was in 2013 and it lasted for 16 days.  The cost and inconvenience caused by the government shutdown was tremendous.  We hope the political standoff this time will end soon. Why the Shutdown 2018 The Republican [...]
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Crazy Proposal: No College Degree without Passing Citizenship Test

A lawmaker from Missouri proposed that you won't have a degree without passing the Citizenship test.   This is a CRAZY idea, right? Missouri State Rep. Dean Dohrman, a Republican, "introduced House Bill 1528 to ensure that the state's public and private colleges are turning out graduates who understand American civics, citizens' rights and how the [...]
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H-1 B visa i-129

Why H-1B Extension Is Safe for Now?

What a rollercoaster ride it has been for those who are applying for H-1B extensions and for those waiting for green cards.  Finally, we have some good news for those seeking H-1B extensions: "You Are Safe for Now!" Why Trump Dropped Anti-H-1B Extension Proposal? Several powerhouses and industrial leaders have spoken up against Trump’s anti-immigrant policies [...]
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61% Americans Support Legalizing Marijuana

Recreational use of marijuana become legal in California on January 1, 2018.  Currently,  the sunshine state has more international students enrolled than any other state in the union;  accounting for more than 156,000 students enrolled in its colleges and universities. Only a few countries have legalized marijuana to some degree.  But even in the USA, where some states [...]
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U.S. Embassy in Turkey Resumes Normal Visa Services for Turkish Citizens

Good news for Turkish citizens who want to come to the United States.    The U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Turkey, which once had halted normal visa services since October 2017, now has resumed its business. Favorite Destinations for Turkish Students According to the findings from Next Generation Research on Turkey, 49% of Turkish young [...]
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H-1 B visa i-129

Not Good Enough: Here is a denied H-1B visa case

A recently published article in New York Times entitled "Is Anyone Good Enough for H-1B Visa" has raised some heated disputes among Americans and immigrants/international people. USCIS: "You Are Not Good Enough" for H-1B Frida Yu, a well-accomplished Chinese lady, has a law degree from Oxford University and an MBA from Stanford.  In her article, [...]
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