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school shooting

Students Ask: When Gun Violence Will End

Another school shooting, and we just don't know when this fear will end.   Many people may ask why U.S. politicians enact laws to assist the gun manufacturers' to gain profits but not to protect civilians' lives.   Will more tragedies happen? How many more lives will be taken before politicians have serious action on gun control? How Many [...]
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Assault Weapons

Student from China Arrested for Trying to Convert Rifle into Assault Weapon

photo: Yunsong Zhao source: Virginia Tech Police Info on the Student Name - Yunsong Zhao Age - 19 Gender - Male Citizenship - China School - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, also known as Virginia Tech Major - Business Status - Currently in Montgomery County Jail.  According to a newspaper serving the Virginia Tech community,  General District Court Judge [...]
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school shooting

Virginia State University Campus Shooting

On October 14th around 8:25 pm this year, Virginia State University (VSU) Petersburg, was locked down after a campus shooting where one person as injured. Two hours later VSU Police had tweeted ” Police have cleared the scene.   Officers will remain vigilant.  Campus lockdown has been lifted.” Americans own nearly half (48%) of the estimated 650 million civilian-owned gun [...]
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school shooting

Georgia Tech Student Shot Dead by Police

Police brutality is more commonplace in the United States than ever before.   The evening of September 16, 2017, where a Georgia Tech engineering student was shot and killed by poorly trained campus police, is yet another example American police getting away with murder. Given the fact that American law enforcement personnel have many non-lethal ways of [...]
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Safe & Crime

Universities with Lowest Crime Rates recently compiled a list of 100 most attended universities and used a survey that questioned over 179,000 students to see how safe they felt on campus.  Furthermore, there are data on “What is on College Students’ Mind?” and “The Most Common Crimes on Campuses.” What most college students care about when it comes to [...]
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Felony Burglary

Students Stole Upcoming Statistics Exam and Committed Felony Burglary

News Source: Cosmopolitan Mission Impossible? Where It Happened University of Kentucky Who Committed the Crime Two students at the University of Kentucky Why They Did It Because they wanted to get an easy "A" on their upcoming statistics exam. How the Students Tried to Steal the Exam The first student crawled through air ducts to [...]
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India Study-Abroad-News

Indian Students Reconsider Studying in the U.S.A.

(News Source: Bloomberg, March 23, 2017) What do Indian Students Worry About? They worry about two things: anti-Indian violence in the U.S. getting a U.S. job after graduating Why Do They Worry about Their Future under Trump's Administration? Reasons: The Trump administration’s strident anti-immigration stance Now the Trump administration is trying to slash immigrant visas, while [...]
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